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Valentine’s Day Chocolate Massacre

There’s always a big hullabaloo over what to get your significant other for Valentine’s Day. There are purists who stick with a dozen red roses and there are the extravagant bunch that feels the need to out-do themselves each year thinking their partner will hate them if they don’t live up to such a daunting challenge year after year. What’s always for certain is that food needs to be present, and it needs to be exceptional food.

As for the kind of food, your guess is as good as your knowledge of the man or woman sitting across from you at the table. You could go to that hip modern Churrascaria, you could go with classic Italian, and you could even go with fish or vegetarian. If you decide to stay in and cook you’ll need to chef it up alone. A rare, juicy steak sounds delicious, or perhaps a roast chicken. Both can be time-consuming and leave too much room for error for the average cook. Plain old pasta and red sauce is too simple and will make your beloved dining partner think you’re taking the easy way out, so there’s risk there too. However, you could take that pasta and add shrimp or another type of delectable sea creature to some linguine and white wine sauce. Now you’re cookin’! They’ll think you’re a pro and not to mention the alleged truth that seafood is an aphrodisiac. Very Valentine’s Day appropriate, no?

With dessert, you can’t go wrong. If you like sweets chances are you’ll like any sweets put in front of you. You could run to the store and spend an arm and a leg on a way too expensive chocolate mousse or you could scoop some of these Groupon coupons for See’s Candies to accompany the vase of fresh roses and bottle of bubbly on ice. It’s clean, simple, and straightforward. Whichever route you choose, one thing is still for certain: you both dined on a dish of aphrodisiac induced pasta, so you got that going for you later once the last bit of dessert and champagne is finished.